Thursday, November 12, 2009

we all learn to make mistakes...

hello! been a while. what can i say thats new?
i have discovered that if u warm tea up in the microwave it will never taste as nice.
i also learned how to bake the most incredible cupcakes.


notice the changes? this is because im doing what i always do when things get tough. i runaway and change everything. i dont like to be reminded of the past so i delete anything that reminds me of it. this includes my blog and other less important cyber networks i happen to exist in. in real life it means packing my bags again and finding somewhere new.

this time im not going very far... just a 14 day escape along the coast. but my motives arent what they seem. im going to see what the island, the Whitsundays, is like. its just off the coast of australia. if its accessable, im probably going to go live there sometime next year, and disapear off the face of the world for a little while.


im so tired of letting go it gets a bit hard. i feel like cassie on skins, when she ran away after chris died. (yer... im a little bit of a tv series whore, get used to it)

sometimes though, leaving and starting again is the best thing in the world. i wana come back one year with my past forgotten. iv made too many mistakes and its so easy to slip back into old habits if you dont keep check. so for now its sunglasses and a hat and incognito simple times.


now, where is my tequila sunrise??