Tuesday, November 17, 2009


on monday the australian prime minister, Kevin Rudd, sent out an official apology to all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait people, because of the atrocieties caused over the last century. (at the beginning of the 1900's australian officials would remove aboriginal children from their homes and place them under orphaned christian care, in order to teach them to adapt a westernised view on the world. they were never reunited with their parents.
although i am not australian and had not heard of this before, i was shocked. yes, it was aweful what they did, and the fact that it has taken them so long to apologize was even more appaling. but what struck me most is how the aboriginals delt with it, moved on with their lives and took the high road.

a similiar story is that of germany. only gaining full independance, in 1990 when the wall of berlin was destroyed, Germany has only been a democracy for a infant-like amount of time, and yet, even though they had to rebuild a war-torn, segregated, and stripped economy of a country, they managed to pull out of their own recession, lament the lost, and become one of the most peaceful and advanced european countries.

this begs me to ask. what about africa? sure, the racial issues carrying through since the times of settlers and slave trade will take more than a decade to sieze. sure, the third world economy and lack of skilled labour due to harsh indigenous education schemes, dubbed "ubuntu learning" will stunt any economic growth. certainly the times will only get worse before they can get better, as we have seen throughout history. but what about the hate? why so much still? surely the jewish community still living in germany do not blatantly murder and rob german familys out of hate?
i have never yet heard of any aboriginal hate crimes.

and yet, the south african "perviously disadvantaged" community will blatantly point their finger at any white man and shout "foe!"

i say this as a generalisation and i realise that it is not the case. i am not trying to create a divide racially in what i have written and by no intentions wish to offend anyone. but i am curious as to why the south african government can so objectively and publically destroy a minority race and the world turns their shoulder, pretending its justified.

i am 21 years old. i was 4 when apartheid finished, and i started school after. anyone in my class, regardless of their race, had the same advantages as myself. and yet my family and my livelihood, community and safety have been threatened because of something the people before me did.

i dont see it happenening in germany or australia, so why my home?

perhaps its because the mentality is still so simple and yet so incredibly wrong.as proven countlessly by our leaders... - that one can only be rascist if they are white. as if.

in my opinion the racial devide in south africa is not because of past events, but because of a strong need to compensate for something. what, i dont know.