Wednesday, September 9, 2009

vare vare ammusant.

several reasons my life is simply marvelous at the moment. (please note the serious levels of sarcasm)

1.its past midnight and instead of spooning someone gorgeous and warm, im sitting infront of my computer boring the cybertrons with my typing. said computer has a virus on it, so it keeps crashing too, or peculiar russian pop-ups about "erectile disfunction" appear. charming.
2.i have an essay due on "the odyssey" for next weekend. when i got the manuscript i thought there had been a mistake. i thought they had sent me some foreign translation. turns out it was actually just really dreadful old english.
3. im quite certain that there is a five dollar note lurking in my jeans pocket. but these jeans are somewhere in the midst of my cupboard, a place i dare not venture unless its an emergency.
4.last night i had a dream about facebook...
5... the dream i had before that was about the sims.
6. i spent alot of money having my hair done last week. stripped it, lightened it and had it coloured a honey colour. and NO ONE NOTICED! (might i also mention that my hairdresser is fully pregnant and extremely hormonal? vare vare ammusant. not!)

but all that being said. life is sweet:)