Tuesday, February 2, 2010

ch- ch- changes

recently someone told me it was unfortunate i was unwilling to change. to grow. well, this got me thinking. the truth is, for so many years, all i have done is change. changed who i was to impress and be accepted. changed to be the perfect girlfriend, the perfect catch, the teacher's pet, the parent's favourite... but then one day i snapped. I realised it was time I became who I am, not who everyone else wanted me to be.

Does this mean I dont want to change? not particularily. It means that I'm going to take a break from change, and just embrace... me.

After all these years I've had becoming who I thought people wanted me to be, I haven't even a clue of who I would like myself to be. Who am I? the question everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives. well my answer is... I dont know. and thats thrilling. I am me, all my flaws included. and for the first time in a very long time, I am happy with that. I shall take the time to discover what makes me tick. whats seperates me from everyone else. what I want. and the reality of it is, if you have a problem with that, take a long hard look at who you are,take heed of your own flaws, and give me a break.