Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100 things. the Ultimate List

my list of 100 things to do, before i turn 25:)
inspired by the movie, The Bucket List, and also by the fact that everyone I have met that was in their thirties regretted not doing more in their twenties, I have decided to compile a list of 100 outrageous, mind boggling, interesting, adventurous and crazy things to do, before i turn 25. some of these things are on the list to push boundarys, to make me experience new and "out there" things, things I had always been too uncomfortable to do before. some things on this list may seen a bit erotic or sexual, but hey, you only look this good when you are young, so why not flaunt it before it sags? Most importantly though, the things on this list are things one should only do when they are young, carefree, and without contraints of grown-uppy ness. I will most definately try and do all 100 before the time lapse, and i shall try my best to document all of the events, as they occur, by either taking a pic, uploading a tweet, or asking you nicely to take my word for it ;) so here goes. to infinity and beyond !

1. learn to play the guitar
2. learn to surf
3. go back to the great barrier reef
4. ride a horse on the beach
5. dye my hair a bright colour. (okay not exactly a hard thing to do, but still takes guts)
6. sea- kayaking
7. quad biking
8. go to a proper Burlesque show

9. pose for a photographer. (im not saying I'll become a model. but I'd like to do this, because it means I will have to overcome insecurities about my body)
10. pose nude
11. shark cage diving
12. learn french
13. visit Versailles
14. spend an entire weekend partying, without sleeping
15. watch the sunrise

16.get my Honours Degree (not exactly fun, but hey education is important too)
17. go on another CONTIKI !
18. visit the Hollywood Boulevard
19. river rafting
20. visit sydney again
21. have a cocktail on the shore of Bali
22. turn off facebook, any IM network, and email, for an entire week
23. skinny dipping at midnight
24. bury a time capsule
25. vegas!

26. view new york from the empire states building
27. learn german
28. backpack through europe
29. go snow boarding
30. work on an island
31. visit Singapore
32. visit Japan and buy lots of kawaii things !
33. learn japanese
34. write a novel
35. swimming with the dolphins
36. ride the worlds biggest rollercoaster
37. dysney land
38. meet someone famous

39. kiss someone famous. preferably johnny depp. (haha okay, thats unlikely, so I made it quite a broad option instead)
40.visit the Kruger National park
41. buy a tequila for the winner of the next Jbay Billabong Pro i go to
42. go scuba diving
43. sing karaoke
44.visit Alice Springs and Uluru
45. Go to Hyatt Beach, supposedly the beach with the whitest sand on earth
46. spend a months pay check on something expensive. like Jimmy Choo's perhaps !
47. smoke a joint in jamaica
48. visit the red light district in amsterdam
49. Kiss someone in Ireland. (extra points if he looks like Gerard Butler)
50. sailing on a yacht
51. protest in a Green peace rally
52. get a petition signed to increase the laws against abuse offenders, because its insane how much those sicko's get away with
53. build an incredible sand castle
54. take a pole dancing lesson
55. ride on the banana boat again ;)
56. learn to skateboard
57. go on a hike. (this one is hard for me. i am against walking without an actual purpose. i also dislike bugs and grass and mudd.)
58. go camping
59. rent out a van and go on a road trip along the coast
60. send a message in a bottle. (make sure it wont polute the sea though. make sure it floats)
61. go skydiving !
62.go parasailing
63. visit mexico
64. ride a camel
65. visit the pyramids of egypt and see a mummy ! (preferably not one that has come back to life for revenge thanks)
66. visit the great wall of china
67. visit the 7 modern wonders of the world (one down, six to go)
68. get a tattoo
69. go sand boarding
70.break a world record

71.go streaking
72. donate blood
73. go abseiling
74.walk through a tropical rainforest
75. start my own magazine
76.stay in the penthouse suit of a hotel
77. get a tshirt from the hard rock cafe
78. visit the cook islands
79. fly in a vintage plain, like the Tiger Moth Biplane. and go for the extreme ride, not the scenic one
80. go on a hot air balloon
81. see the Kooks
82. draw my own comic book
83. sleep under the stars
84. order every dessert on a resturant menu. and eat it. even if it takes all evening
85. go to the melbourne cup, and dress up
86. ride an elephant at addo
87. last through an entire game of 100 club
88. sleep in a display bed
89. have a scavenger hunt
90.host a theme party
91. learn to drive a car
92. actually. learn to ride a bicycle. (yes, how tragic. i never learnt)
93. get top score at guitar hero
94. go water skiing
95. go jet- skiing
96. go on a cruise
97. design and make my own evening dress. (because if Jenny Humphrey can, so can i)
98. have a superlength tv series marathon. for 24hours straight. skins. how i met your mother.
99. put a down payment on my dream home
100. celebrate a 25th bday party like no other, knowing i completed my list :)

please note, i may extend this list to 150 things... because life is too short for limits. :)