Friday, August 27, 2010

dont be a little boy about it.

recently i stumbled apon another blog. the blog belonged to someone i was friends with a long time ago, before they became infatuated with a girl and decided our friendship got in the way of that. what was disturbing to me about this blog was the extremely neurotic egotistic sexist stories in it. i cannot comprehend how someone i once thought of as an extraordinary person is actually such a loser.

to clarify, gentlemen, when a woman ends a relationship, especially a long heartfelt and emotional one, we are entitled to momentary lapses of sanity. we are allowed to be heartbroken or annoyed or upset. the one thing most guys seem to bloody forget is that we are still human. actually, we are woman. we are powerful, emotional and intense individuals. we arent problems or annoying little nuances one can simply be rid of. deal with it.

so to this person, in the unlikely chance you ever stumble across my blog i have nought but this simple message for you :

grow the fuck up. you are far far far from perfect, and if you hurt someone or things fall through, they are allowed to react. you're trying to be godlike, which i find ammusing, because you, of all the people i know, is the least likely to pull such a thing off.

thanks. oh and no hard feelings, right ?

[also poorly typed. i blame wine and sleep deprivation]