Sunday, May 9, 2010


when did someone wake up and say "ah ! we shall make the week seven days long, and we shall work all but two of those days! " and why did we all agree? im all for the three day long weekend.

come to think of it, who invented time, and why are we all so addament to follow it? perhaps it is 12.30 am now, but who decided that, and why do i have to follow it? i suppose its common interest or nothing would ever get done. but i would like some of this time i keep hearing about. seams like its all slipping away without a trace. think about it. how much time do we actually genuinely spend on ourselves these days? less the eight hours at work, less the two hours in traffic, less the six hours of sleep we are lucky to get, less the remainder of hours we spend making ourselves smarter to impress others, making ourselves look better to suit others, and the time we actually spend with others, really. whats left?